Good Things To Do In Chicago This Week (11/4/18)



Here are a few things I might get up to:

Just imagine I published this on Sunday morning instead of Tuesday…


Nov. 4

Jessica Hopper: “Night Moves”

What: $20 // Event Page // Hopper has new book called “Night Moves.” The book features various diary-entry-esque vignettes about living in Chicago during the 00s. Hopper has written for The Chicago Reader and has been an editor at national publications such as Pitchfork and MTV News.
When: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Where: Chicago Athletic Association, The Loop, 12 S Michigan Ave.
Why: When trying to convince a friend to join me in attending this event, I said, “She’s like our coolest Chicago writer, you have to go.” That friend had to “work,” but I stand by the description. Since I already went, I can report back that five minutes before the event started, I tripped and started falling forward, only to look up and see that I was about to crash into Hopper. I was able to brace myself / dodge at the last moment and then hurriedly walk away. The show went on.


Nov. 5

Glory Edim: “Well-Read Black Girl”

What: $12 // Event Page // Edim founded and runs a book club and literary event series called Well-Read Black Girl. She has a new anthology book with the same name, based on the club.
When: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: American Writers Museum, The Loop, 180 N Michigan Ave.
Why: Reporting back on this — Chicago-resident Charlene Carruthers did the interview and beyond, beyond excelled at the task. I’ve done plenty of interviews myself and gone to many live interview events like this and Carruthers’ talent really stood out to me. She had an ability to ask nuanced questions that steered the conversation into emotional territory, generously hyped up Edim’s work and somehow also kept the crowd engaged. Live interviews are always a highwire act and I basically just geeked out about her interview skills during this.


Nov. 6

Peter Sagal: “The Incomplete Book Of Running”

What: FREE // Event Page // Sagal has a new book called “The Incomplete Book of Running.” He hosts the NPR show “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” and works as a columnist for Runner’s World.
When: 7 PM
Where: The Book Cellar, Ravenswood, 4736 N Lincoln Ave.
Why: As a runner who likes to read, I’ve struggled to find books about running that I, well, like. Most of the books in the genre spend way too much time recapping runs without engaging details or they fall more in the “how to workout like me” self-help category. Recently, I’ve enjoyed “North” by Scott Jurek and long ago liked “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami, but the canon remains small. I haven’t finished Sagal’s book yet, but so far I’ve appreciated the humor and levity he brings to the subject.


Nov. 7

Six Points Reading ft. Jacob Sanez & Jasmin Jordan-Portaz

What: FREE // Event Page // A recurring writing and music series that takes place at a good brewery.

When: 7 PM – 9 PM
Where: Alulu Brewery & Pub, Pilsen, 2011 S Laflin St.
Why: Well, I have cousins that live right across the street from this and I like Alulu Brewery. They have a coffee-flavored beer that actually tastes like coffee. I don’t know the writers yet, but it might be worth checking out.


Nov. 8

The Future of Music Live

What: FREE // Event Page // Technology and futurist publication The Verge has a video series called “The Future of Music.”  Now they’re trying to adapt it into a live series.
When: 7 PM – 9:30 PM
Where: Aloft Chicago Mag Mile, Streeterville, 243 East Ontario St.
Why: The Verge has great reporting and I trust them to throw an informative — and probably fun — event. Also, Girl & the Goat will also be serving food, so that alone might make it worthwhile because it’s not exactly easy to get a table at that restaurant.


Nov. 9

Sean Dinces: “Bulls Markets”

What: FREE // Event Page // Dinces has a new tome of a book called “Bulls Markets” about the business of that sports franchise. In These Times contributor Miles Kampf-Lassin will interview him.
When: 7:30 PM – 9 PM
Where: Volumes Bookcafe, Wicker Park, 1474 N Milwaukee Ave.
Why: I love the Bulls. But I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to read this massive book. So seeing the author talk about the topic in person will hopefully be a way to still learn a few things from his research.


Nov. 10

Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair

What: FREE // Event Page // Over 30 local printmakers will be selling original prints and talking with attendees.
When: 11 AM – 6 PM
Where: Constellation, Lakeview, 3111 N Western Ave.
Why: I had never heard of the Chicago Printers Guild before coming across this event. I’ve now looked at a few of the artists’ work, though, and I think this will be a nice way to check out a ton of Chicago-based art in a small and manageable setting.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

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