The Loneliest, Greatest Christmas Bar In Chicago


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5 Clean, Well-Lighted Writing Places In Central Chicago

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A few days ago, I stood at the bed where Ernest Hemingway entered the world. The tour guide for the Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Museum told my group of five that upon Hemingway’s late night birth, his father marched in the streets, blowing his trumpet for the whole Oak Park neighborhood to hear. The life of Chicago’s most famous writer had begun.

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“Night Moves” By Jessica Hopper



A memoir from music critic Jessica Hopper. Instead of a straightforward timeline of her early days as a burgeoning writer, Hopper presents mini-scene after mini-scene that jumps around from year to year. Hopper drew from her diaries at the time to try and tell a few of her best personal stories from her late twenties and early thirties.

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Cape Horn Illustration



Phil Thompson uses illustrations to document the underrated parts of Chicago that he wants to celebrate. He then sells these works of glorification at his online website. In his own words — “When I get obsessed with things, I make art for people who are also obsessed with those things.”

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